Utah Salvage Yards

Trying to find the right quality used or refurbished part for your automotive repair or rebuilding needs once was so frustrating. But now all you need to do is visit, where our database of salvage yards near you will lead you to the right yard for finding the exact parts you need. You'll find most of Utah's salvage yards here, in this one location of - at your fingertips.

Recycling of parts isn't just a way to help rebuild older model cars, anymore. It is also a science closely monitored by local, state and Federal environmental laws. While people looking for parts and scrap used to have to comb aisle after aisle of beaten, rusty old cars at their local junkyard just hoping that they would find what they were looking for, these new laws have aided in clean up of junkyards into streamlined businesses with many parts already pulled, inventoried, and shelved or stored for quick and easy location. works to make the process of finding your parts even easier before you go to the junkyard, too. By providing you with a quick list for locating the salvage yards in your area, you spend less time scouting for yards in your car, and more time installing that replacement part on your car. saves you time, frustration, and most importantly, money. You are quickly able to find the parts you seek, at a price you can afford. You can call ahead and ask for a particular part, then simply pick it up or have it shipped right to you. UtahSalvageYards makes it all so quick and painless for both you and your wallet!

Cars are lasting longer at the same time as dollars are stretching less far. Consumers are seeking inexpensive ways to make their cars last longer, in order to save themselves money and the headaches of having to buy another vehicle. One can always order parts from a retail store or dealership, but who really wants to pay such high prices for something that can be conveniently, quickly, painlessly, and affordably found at Simply find the salvage yard closest to you with the right part, and get your car running or looking great again!

Salvage yards don't just offer rusted out, wrecked cars and parts. In fact, many brand new vehicles are damaged by superficial accidents or expensive break downs every day. Others are working cars that haven't been able to sell, so they are salvaged for parts for other cars. Whether your car is a top of the line luxury vehicle or a vintage van, your car has been running on used parts anyway. Why not repair it with good to great condition used parts salvaged in working order from a car that was not working or was salvaged for some other reason? You may be seeking a door handle for an import, seat for your truck, or engine parts that keep your roadster cruising. Whatever the part you're looking for, you can trust to help you find it.

Besides being a great source for parts to buy, you can use to turn in your old car for salvage, too. If you've given up on your workhorse or sporty convertible, or even the family minivan, there is no real "family car graveyard" to bury the auto you think has seen better days, or isn't worth trying to sell. Use to help you locate the salvage yard for parting with (and parting out of) your old heap, where it will become somebody else's treasure, one piece at a time!

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